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Healthy Hunger Lunches

Berrigan Parent Council is excited to share that the lunch program will be available beginning early October.  Pizza and Subway are back on the weekly menu!

If you are interested, orders can be placed through the Healthy Hunger website, which will now be used for our lunch programs:

It’s simple, easy and user friendly. You can also decide how many lunches you want to buy your child(ren) from now until the end of the calendar year!

Payment is via credit card or interac online to your child's teacher/school.If you choose to purchase lunches, they will be delivered to your child's classroom during the second nutrition break on the designated days.

Please see this parent info page to help guide you through the step by step process to sign up on the Healthy Hunger website.If you have any questions about the lunch program, you can contact the parent council anytime at:  [email protected].

Or, you may also contact Hunger Healthy directly (for technical support):  [email protected]

Stay Tuned for more exciting news here:

  • Movie Nights
  • Food Drive
  • BP Pizza Nights

More information will be posted here.


Pizza Kit Fundraiser:
Berrigan School Council fundraising event with our local Boston Pizza took place on January 26-27 and February 2-3, 2022. Thank you to the families who were able to participate. We hope you enjoyed making your delicious pizzas.

Berrigan Food Drive:
In December 2021, we organized a food drive. Thanks for your participation. As we always say: "If once can make a difference, imagine what more can do!"

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